Rachelle Mariano



I put my heart and soul into my work projects, so I don't code that much in my free time. :)

03/2019 - Present
This website uses Gatsby as a framework and emotion for styling.


I crochet a lot and make gifts for friends and family. Here are a few of my favorite projects!

  • This was such a fun pattern, and the gloves are really warm. I want to make these for everyone!
  • It's a holder for crochet hooks that rolls up and snaps under a button in the ammonite. It was my first time working with beads.
  • This was my first time doing hair and free-handing so many color changes. I LOVE HER.
  • I made this for a craft exchange. I modified a hooded pattern and free-handed the fins.
  • I made this for a coworker. I tried doing an invisible decrease and it failed, but it still ended up cute.
  • I made this for a coworker. SO MANY COLOR CHANGES. AHHHH.
  • I modified a beanie pattern. It came out surprisingly cute?!